Beyond the Baltic Sea release stream


We held a broadcast of a livestream about the release of the ETS2 Beyond the Baltic Sea map expansion from our just-established studio in SCS Software's office. It was the first experiment with streaming by ourselves, it was a bit improvised. We made a couple of interviews with people from the development team, answered some of the questions that may come our way, and of course, we played the new DLC live most of the time.
00:00:00 - launch trailer for Beyond the Baltic Sea
00:01:28 - introduction to the stream
00:02:53 - interview with senior map designer Prokop Smetana
00:52:39 - interview with senior 3D artist Jiří "JD" Doseděl
01:44:53 - interview with 3D artist/animator Dominik Luska
02:17:00 - release party
02:28:08 - map designer Ilona Brabcová is pressing the launch button
02:37:50 - interview with CEO Pavel Šebor
Notes from the stream are available on Reddit, thanks to /u/Classic36!…m_notes_november_29_2018/
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